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We at M and K Enterprises strive to give you the best service that we can.  We believe in the golden rule. We constantly try to keep up with training on what is new in the industry. As a service technician  for over forty years in the community,  I started with the first of the computers in the industry. I got into this on the ground floor. I understand how they work from the basics and this helps me with a great foundation to work from. You are working with a technician not a salesperson.  I will not try to sell you something that you do not need. If it is time to upgrade to a new computer,  I will help you with what it takes to get your information and programs and peripherals working on the new system. There is more than just buying a new system.  Most of the time you have to upgrade your printer and some of your programs.

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​We Are Expert Computer Repairs Technicians in Appleton

We can repair any computer, sometimes a PC gets too old and needs to go to the scrap yard, but not always. You have sensitive and confidential information on your computer. Who do you call when your PC fails?
Take into account the following:

Do you entrust your personal information to just anyone? How can you tell if you’re working with a trustworthy technician and firm? Is it more cost-effective to fix or replace your computer? For this, you can’t rely on just anyone from the phone book or an internet search. You’ll need a repair company that values its reputation and the long-term relationships it cultivates with each and every customer.

Try bringing your computer in for service and let the experts give you a free examination. We will probably save you some money. Our computer repair service is located in Appleton, Wisconsin, and we are here to serve you with the best price and workmanship.

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